The world’s finest slow-burning charcoal, packed and shipped for you.

Namibian Retort Charcoal is a collective of Namibian farmers who are tackling the problem of bush encroachment head-on by turning invasive bushes into high quality wholesale charcoal, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Buy the world’s best BBQ- and Restaurant grade charcoal.

Namibian Retort Charcoal is made from Acacia-family encroachment bush. These wild bush species thrive in the hot and arid conditions of northern Namibia, making their wood especially dense, hard and dry – ideal for slow-burning charcoal. It’s so ideal, we only need 3 to 4 tons of wood to create 1 ton of charcoal – compared to a significantly higher 10 tons of wood for every ton charcoal in parts of Europe and the US – making it both labour and price competitive.

Have it branded, packed and shipped for you, directly from Namibia.

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Our charcoal is environmentally sustainable.

Invasive bush species are a widespread problem for Namibian farmers, decreasing the amount of grazing available for livestock and robbing farmers of precious groundwater. Turning these invasive species into high quality charcoal is a win-win – returning grazing land and supporting the restoration of the area’s historical flora and fauna.

NRC is focused on increasing the amount of retort charcoal it sources. The retort method works to capture the harmful gasses released during the burning process, feed them back into the retort and then burn them, limiting emissions. The retort method is the most environmentally-friendly way to produce charcoal and it is therefore our goal to solely source retort charcoal by 2020.

Our Packaging plant is certified to process FSC ® Material (FSC-C138836) and the number of NRC FSC certified suppliers is steadily growing. At this point in time we supply both FSC certified and Non-FSC products, but it is our goal to only supply certified products in the near future. Our processes are carefully structured to ensure that the segregation of certified and non-certified material is ensured. We do this by only processing either certified or non-certified material in our plant at any particular point in time, we additionally physically separate and label materials that need to be temporarily stored. As not all our charcoal is certified, should you require FSC certified charcoal, please contact us!

NRC has additionally been certified by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). This certification gives proof to you ,the consumer, that working conditions and labour practices at NRC are fair and good. We highly value the wellbeing of our employees.

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