Wholesale charcoal products from NRC.

We offer high quality wholesale charcoal in different grades to suit the needs of everyone from distributors and retailers to busy restaurants.

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20 – 60 mm BBQ Grade Charcoal

>60 mm Restaurant Grade Charcoal

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*All quotes are based on volume. Approximately 19 tons of charcoal per shipping container, shipped palletized or packed loose upon request.

Phoenix Premium Charcoal

Phoenix Premium Charcoal is NRC’s flagship brand and our ambassador for showcasing the slow-burning, long-lasting quality of Acacia-family charcoal. At 30 mm to 60 mm, Phoenix Premium lumps are slightly larger on average than standard BBQ charcoal, and ideal for a clean-burning barbecue fire that goes the distance.

Restaurant Grade Charcoal

We understand restaurants’ needs for a long-lasting, slow-burning fire with excellent heat retention. To meet those needs, there’s nothing better than our restaurant-grade charcoal, sieved in > 60 mm lumps to maximize duration and minimize cost. Not simply great value, our charcoal is exceptionally clean-burning, which is good news all around.

Quality control from harvesting to shipping

We assure premium quality in every bag of charcoal we ship. Because we are both producer and packager, we can manage quality at every step. This also means there’s less distance for the charcoal to be transported, resulting in less breakage and less dust. The result is a truly premium product, competitively priced and shipped to wherever you are in the world.