The best charcoal for your brand – packed and shipped by us.

We take pride in supplying leading international brands with high quality Namibian retort charcoal – and we would like to do the same for you.

What we offer

Our own packaging facility in northern Namibia.

NRC has constructed its packaging facility in the Otjiwarongo region of Northern Namibia on one of our founders’ farms, right where the majority of our charcoal is produced. The primary benefits for our customers include better quality control from production to sieving to packaging, as well as minimising travelling distance for the charcoal between production, packaging and shipping – which in turn minimises its carbon footprint.

A complete white-labelling service.

In addition to producing our own brand of charcoal, we offer a white-labelling service for our customers. If you would like to create a new charcoal brand, or improve the quality and environmental credentials of your existing brand with sustainably-sourced Acacia-family charcoal, we can help.

End-to-end logistics and shipping

We offer a door-to-door logistics service for all our charcoal, whether you’re buying our own brand or having your brand printed and packed by us. Simply choose whether you want your charcoal palletised or packed loose in your container, and whether you want it FOB (Free On Board) or CIF. (Customs, Insurance and Freight, arranged by us). We can deliver to a port, warehouse, or directly to your store.

Each standard shipping container can hold approximately 19 tons of charcoal.

What you can expect.

When you partner with Namibian Retort Charcoal, you get more than just high quality, slowburning charcoal.

You can expect:

• Low mileage on your charcoal – leading to a smaller carbon footprint, bigger charcoal lumps, and less dust

• A clean, organised packaging plant that delivers on time

• Direct contact with the founders of NRC who will help you tailor a partnership structure to suit your specific needs

• Competitive pricing

• To be an active participant in supporting the fight against Bush encroachment

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